Сombinations of anabolic steroids

Сombinations of anabolic steroids

Most often, the athletes during the use of anabolic steroids used a combination of several drugs at once, or gradually replaced several drugs during the course. Or both at once. For what? Experience shows that when combining drugs, or by changing the drug, the effect in terms of increase in muscle mass and strength much better. the principle of 1 + 1 = 3 often operates.
And here we have a combination of methods for beginners (which we call arithmetic) and advanced ways for professionals (this is the highest math and geometry). The first basic courses for beginners contain, as a rule only a combination of anabolic steroids (One type of hormones – sexual modified). But “higher mathematics” professionals necessarily includes “Tri Kita” (three main anabolic hormone): Steroids (hormones), insulin and growth hormone. As well as a number of drugs that help to combat the negative effects on the body. Gaumont – highly active substances, which are often differently interact with each other (for example a high level of insulin causes a drop in blood sugar and a defensive reaction – the release of growth hormone), so frostbitten on his head fan to establish the proper use of several hormones once the task is not the most simple.

In any case, remember that Anabolic Steroids – the strongest and most powerful of all anabolic steroids is known at the moment. Therefore, we will begin to gain knowledge from the basic arithmetic of basic steroids and combinations thereof. And since we have already gone a similar analogy with the arithmetic, then we explore our supply of “numbers”, the knowledge of which we need to produce relevant examples. Anabolic steroids are there in abundance. It is often possible to hear some new and meaningful names. However, in practice it is much easier than many people think. Samih drugs (active substances) enough not much. Great is the number of different anabolic steroids produce manufacturers produce the same substance under various trade brands. For example, a well-known metal-on the west is known as the D-BOL (Dianabol), the GDR was sold as “Nerobolum,” as well-known names like “Anabol”, “Naposim” … it’s all one and the same active chemical substance: methandrostenolone / methandienone. Now I’ll try to concisely tell you about all of the major anabolic steroids, which are popular in the expanses of our great motherland.