Apcalis Oral Jelly

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What Apkalis (Apcalis in Slovakia)

Apkalis (Apcalis) SX, 20 mg This dzherenik high quality Cialis. Apkalis (Apcalis) made by the same chemical formula and is composed of the same active ingredient Tadalafil in Slovakia. The effectiveness and properties are identical to the original. Similarly, the drug takes effect in about 40 minutes after use and are about 36-hours. However, it does not always need such a long time to be ready for sex. In this case, pay attention to the category of drugs with the active ingredient of Levitra – vardenafil. It Zhewitra (Zhevitra). Validity 6-8 hours – best to get full enjoyment.

Maximum concentration in plasma tadalafil occurs within 2 h. Reception frequency should not exceed once every 24 hours. The great advantage of Apkalisa that it is fully compatible with food and small portions of alcohol, because sexual pleasure is often preceded by a feast with friends or a romantic dinner for two. Tadalafil is effective for erectile dysfunction of any degree of severity and occurred from all causes: physiological, psychological and mixed.

Substance rarely causes side effects. Sale Apkalisa in Slovakia available without a prescription but, before you buy Apkalis, consult your doctor and read the instructions. It is possible that some contraindications to receiving it will touch you.