Agovirin Depot

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50 mg/amp. (5 amp.)


testosterone izobutyrate

Testosterone isobutyrate is an injectable form of testosterone containing izobutiratny testosterone ester in water-based. Among bodybuilders testosterone isobutyrate is often considered the same testosterone suspension. Although these two products are water based, they differ in pharmacokinetics, as experts in Slovakia say. While testosterone suspension was rapidly absorbed, isobutyrate absorbed within two weeks after injection.

Product Forms in Slovakia:

Testosterone isobutyrate is now available in pharmacies in Slovakia under the name agovirin depot. 25mgml it contains in aqueous solution at a 2 ml ampoule, 5ampul on the package. He may precipitate, so it is necessary to shake the vial before use.


Testosterone isobutyrate is a bit different from most of testosterone esters. Agovirin depot contains a microcrystalline suspension in the aqueous solution. Agovirina injection needle may require a large diameter (21 gauge) and may cause local irritation, pain and redness.