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boldenone undecylenate

Boldenone Undecylenate March – effective anabolic, long and firmly entered the world of sports. It is used for the relief of finding the body and consolidate these results. It increases appetite, helps to build muscle mass. Moreover, its use is relatively safe – it does not cause a sharp androgenic effect, it does not have much interaction with aromotazoy. Today on the market steroids often can buy boldenone undisilenat – an essential ingredient for the injections. According to the chemical characteristics of its molecule is similar to testosterone molecule. However, quality indicators compare favorably with this aggressive hormone: excluded critical fluid retention, the effect of “rollback.”

Methods of application and the dosage of Boldenone Undecylenate March

The course is due to the use of boldenone individual characteristics of the organism. The average duration of injection varies between 6-10 weeks. The peculiarity of the drug – its long half-life, which affects the rate of increase in muscle. This process is not as fast as in the use of testosterone in their pure form, but more secure. The average dose of boldenone solo 300-800 ml weekly. The final concentration is calculated on the basis of the ultimate goals. Fewer will not have the desired effect, and more – lead to the inhibition of natural testosterone.

Reviews of Boldenone Undecylenate March (Slovakia)

Boldenone is widely discussed in the sports environment is not casual – it is one izklassicheskih anabolic agents to help athletes in Slovakia in their craft for more than 6 decades. During this time, the drug gained a lot of admirers and loyal to the preparation of athletes for whom the drug has become a real must-have. Therefore, to obtain reliable information about the positive effects of boldenone is not difficult. Many bodybuilders in Slovakia leave comments on specialized forums, such as ruanabol.chat. Here you will get the most complete information about the drug, its effects and possible dosages.

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