Deca Durabolin – Pakistan

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nandrolone decanoate

Deca Durabolin is considered as very common steroid that is widely used for gaining huge strength and growing muscle mass in short time. It is considered equally effective in both the cutting and bulking cycle. For cutting cycle it can be combined with other anabolic steroids from Slovakia. Due to its water retention and protein production ability, mostly athletes buy it and use for bulking phase. It encourages retention of nitrogen in the muscles that helps the muscles to store more amount of protein in them. This makes the muscles strong and a bulky look can be achieved. To increase the storage of protein in the muscles, users must consume a protein rich diet to meet the requirements of muscles. Deca Durabolin can be combined with Winstrol or Halotestin in order to get maximum gains in cutting cycle.

Dose Information

The most common and widely consumed dose for first time users is 200 to 300mg per week. The regular steroids using athletes and body builders consume around 600mg per week. This is considered ideal for bulking cycle. Experts have suggested that exceeding the limit of 600mg per week can cause some serious health hazards. The recommended dose for females is 50 to 100mg per week. A post cycle therapy is highly recommended in order to restore the natural body functions. Nolvadex or Clomid must be taken for three weeks after the completion of Deca Durabolin cycle.

Side Effects (Slovakia)

There are some side effects associated with Deca Durabolin. These side effects include higher amount of fat storage in the body, erectile dysfunction, elimination of natural production of testosterone in the body in Slovakia, and condition of gynecomastia. To eliminate these side effects, Proviron or Stanoxyl can used. There is some estrogen related side effects but they occur rarely. These side effects are loss of hair, facial acne, and acne problems.