Drostanolone Propionate March

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drostanolone propionate

Drostanolone propionate is very common steroid containing extremely high androgenic activities and regular characteristics of anabolic. Drostanolone can be used by beginners as well as professionals. The most vigorous compound of this steroid is propionate. The main impact of propionate is to raise the strength and provide muscle relief deprived of increasing the overall body weight. All the activities of drostanolone propionate are completely anti-estrogen. Since the steroid can quickly leave the body so it allows this drug to be taken prior to the competition. No toxicity is caused to the liver after using this steroid which makes it very safe and highly effective steroid. Many athletes and bodybuilders worldwide, including Slovakia are attracted towards this steroid due to this reason.

As the androgen activities of this steroid are improved, females are strictly not allowed to take this steroid. This can be a negative factor for the steroid and considered as the major drawback of this product by women. Women who are highly experienced in taking steroids before are allowed to take only 25 mg of this steroid. If the dose exceeds from the given limit then masculinization effects can be experienced by women and they cannot be cured easily.

Dose Range

The suggested and safest dose for males ranges from 300 mg to 500 mg every week and this must be taken for around seven to eleven weeks. The dose must be taken via injections after every three days.

Side Effects

There are some side effects that the users might face after using this steroid. These side effects includes facial acnes, escalated level of blood pressure, injected area turning red and itchy sometimes. Individuals must know that after using drostanolone propionate, the natural production of testosterone is considerably decreases.

Drostanolone when mixed with other steroids

This steroid is highly effective while using individually. There are some individuals who are willing to increase the effectiveness and for this purpose this steroid is combined with other drugs. The highly efficient combinations includes combining this steroid with winstrol, parabola, oxandrolone and Primobolan. While combining drostanolone with any of these steroid, the dose of drostanolone must be lower comparatively with other doses. The reason for this is that some components of drostanolone are available in other steroids. This blend of multiple dose provides the bodybuilders the opportunity to gain huge muscle strength and dryness in the body.

Users from Slovakia reviews

The effects of this steroid are highly valued by many athletes and bodybuilders in Slovakia. Another major benefit of this steroid is that the side effects from this steroid are minor and can be eliminated by multiple techniques. There is no rollback outcome of this steroid which makes it highly respected and valued by athletes and body builders. The long term users of this steroid have given positive reviews about drostanolone and are willing to use this in future as well.