Mastabol 100

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100 mg/ml (10 ml)


drostanolone propionate

Mastabol 100 – based steroid drostanolone has moderate anabolic and androgenic effects high. The most commonly used in the power sports (in particular – in bodybuilding) for storing gain muscle mass, increasing hardness and muscle relief. It is also often used by athletes worldwide, including Slovakia interested in increasing physiological parameters without weight gain.

Effects of Mastabol 100

  • The increase in power rates.
  • Increased hardness and muscle relief.
  • Burning fat (according to the study, 100 Mastabola course can reduce body fat by 5-7%).
  • Mild diuretic effect.
  • Inhibition of catabolic processes.

How to take Mastabol 100?

Course Mastabol 100 Slovakia solo used infrequently. The average weekly dose of 400 milligrams. Injections – a day or three times a week. As for how to make Mastabol on the combined courses, the most commonly used combination with Winstrol and Oxandrolone – the safest AAS. In combination with stanozolol synergistic effect is achieved by reducing the concentration of globulin, sex hormone binding. For muscle recruitment schemes are recommended with testosterone propionate (although in this case is to control the level of secretion of testosterone, and when it drops to spend FCT or use the appropriate pharmacology on the course), as athletes from Slovakia say. Chronic administration is best to add gonadotropin.