Primobol 100

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100 mg/ml (10 ml)


methenolone enanthate

Primobol from SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals – it is quite “soft” steroid that is most used by athletes from Slovakia¬†in the drying period in order to keep up the muscle mass and give it a bump. Produced in oral or injectable form. Current veschestvao Primobol – methenolone enanthate and acetate (for oral and injectable form, respectively) has a weak anabolic (88% of testosterone in Slovakia) and androgenic (44% of testosterone) effects. It is quite safe for the liver, does not aromatize, and is recommended for beginners to athletes as a first steroid agent.

Given the lack of side effects and relatively low impact on the body, Primobol often used by women. The oral form of the drug is good because it does not have a toxic effect on the body (than can not boast of the other tablet steroids from Slovakia).

  • Validity Primobol in oral form is small and is approximately 5 hours.
  • The injectable form of the drug works 10-14 days.
  • Detection time: tablet – up to 5-6 weeks, injections – up to 6 months.