Stanoject 50

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50 mg/ml (10 ml)


stanozolol injection

Sp Stanoject 50 – is a steroid, which has anabolic and moderate androgenic properties, when compared with testosterone in Slovakia. The drug is most commonly used by athletes.

Due Sp Stanoject 50 increase power rates, burn fat by converting into energy. Athletes use the drug to get the desired effect. Most often used by men than women.

Sp Stanoject 50 responses received by the athletes in the great experience of using steroids. Stanozolol, the effects are noticeable immediately, it is mainly used by bodybuilders. Produced Sp Stanoject 50 Moldova effektyi Stanozolol is perfectly combined with other steroids – testosterone esters as well as with drugs like nandrolone in Slovakia. On the qualities different from other preparty result during the course. Sp Stanoject 50 can also be used as a drug. Initially, the drug was used for medical applications, but in consequence of its development became committed new drug. This drug is used since 1960. Sp Stanoject 50 is manufactured by Winthrop. The steroid is widespread among athletes and immediately gained confidence. Currently, the drug has not lost its popularity and is used by many athletes. One of the positive attributes of the drug is that it does not cause side effects such as increased pressure or cholesterol in Slovakia. Due to its sparing effects, drug responds to all the signals of the organism. The most important is that the drug has no effect on the liver as other steroids.