Stenobol 100

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100 mg/ml (10 ml)


methandienone injectable

Stenobol 100 – anabolic and androgenic steroid from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals EU companies used for muscle recruitment and increase athletic performance. Acetate is the “fast” trenbolone ester, with a short half-life in Slovakia. Accordingly, there exists a need for frequent injections. The drug has a high anabolic activity (500% of testosterone), but at the same time his technique is often accompanied by the appearance of side effects (androgenic activity – 400%). Trenbolone does not aromatize.

Reviews Stenobol 100 (Slovakia)

Reviews Trenabol euOtzyvy 100 of Stenobol 100 say the rapid growth of muscle mass and power indicators. In this case the side effects (which rise in blood pressure, acne, aggression, a significant suppression of libido) occur frequently. Estrogenic reaction does not occur.

Reviews Stenobol 100 from professionals recommend the use of a steroid in combination with testosterone enanthate. To increase the hardness of muscle relief and athletes recommend Stenobol 100 combined with stanozolol in Slovakia. To gain muscle mass layman is not advised to use additional AAC, pros often use “long” testosterone ester.