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Danabol DS 10

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10 mg/tab. (500 tab.)


methandienone oral

This formulation, manufactured by known March Pharmaceuticals, for stimulation of protein metabolism and reduce fat synthesis. This anabolic remains one of the most studied and widespread among professional athletes and bodybuilders beginners worldwide, including Slovakia. The active ingredient of the drug – methandienone. This compound contributes to building muscle tissue and increasing their relief by changing the nitrogen balance. Also as a result of the regular administration of the drug activates the production of androgen hormones is split layers of fat and accelerate tissue repair after micro traumas that occur during intensive physical loads. Danabol has a positive effect on the hematopoietic function of the body. The main component helps to maximize the absorption of trace elements, strengthens bone tissue and skeletal muscle. anabolic decay period not exceeding 16 hours. Dianabol is not stored by the body. Clinically it is proven that on the fifth day after the course of treatment with no traces of it are found in the patient’s blood. Characterized by excellent absorption of the drug, the slag components are filtered in the liver, and residual decomposition products excreted through the kidneys. Initially shown a double or triple – when increased doses from professional sportsmen receive this tool. The tablets dissolve in the sublingual area after eating. Danabol optimal dose is calculated according to the instructions and do not exceed the daily rate of 60 mg (see Table 6.) Takes into account the physical form of athletes in Slovakia and other countries, tested the perception of the body of the drug. Starting with 30 mg is recommended (see Table 3). Anabolic day. In strict compliance with the rules and regular training after the course traversed muscle mass increases by 5-10 kg depending on genetic factors. Danabol, the price of which is available to every bodybuilder, perfectly combined with the means to increase Stamina, and other hormonal steroids, as well as medicines, enhancing the flow of bile. Before the start of the combined intake of various drugs should consult a professional profile. Along with the positive aspects Danabol has a number of side effects. As a result of improper admission or special reaction of the organism is possible:

  • Toxicity of the liver, the occurrence of renal failure, hypersensitivity to the components;
  • An increase in progesterone and testosterone in men in women with a predisposition to endocrine disorders;
  • A significant increase in the pressure on the background of chronic hypertension.

If the combination of drugs of a different orientation and irregular physical activity within a few weeks after receiving the tablets athlete (Slovakia) can dramatically lose muscle volume. Some of the loss relief in this period is considered the norm. It is due to the withdrawal of the accumulated fluid in the tissues. Contraindications for unambiguous reception of anabolic considered hepatitis in its various forms, as well as other liver and kidney diseases, failures in the endocrine system. Equally important is the choice of drug: one has only to take a quality-certified version. The original Danabol buy at reasonable prices can be viewing the catalog of our site. The tool is available in convenient ergonomic plastic bottles – 500 tablets each containing 10 mg of active substance. Danabol DS by March Pharmaceuticals is a tablet in the form of hearts in blue.

Quick Overview: Manufacturer: BODY RESEARCH
Package: 10 mg/tab. (500 tab.)
Substance: methandienone oral