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Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is considered as the most harmful and dangerous steroid. The amount of liver toxicity that it causes is very high and could lead you to admit in hospital due to severe diseases like jaundice and other liver problems. Athletes and bodybuilders in Slovakia who are willing to increase their strength can use Halotestin. Mostly bodybuilders worldwide, including Slovakia use Halotestin when they are at the end of their cutting cycle because they already are at the low body fat percentage allowing Halotestin to provide hardness in the muscles and much more strength in the muscles. Unlike any other steroid of the same nature, Fluoxymesterone contains completely no estrogenic activity and also it never retains water in the body or increase the fat in the body. Fluoxymesterone not only escalates the aggressiveness and erythropoiesis but it also binds moderately with the androgen receptor. Athletes from Slovakia who do not undergo any drug test mostly prefers using Halotestin because it can be easily detected. It excites the erythropoiesis process and cell inhalation, this makes the drug a perfect choice for athletes who are willing to improve their aerobic capacity without increasing the body weight. This makes Halotestin highly effective for short cycle and simultaneously performing equipoise long cycle. No amount of water is retained in the body and the gains obtained from them would be of high quality. The best and safest duration of use for Halotestin is of 4 weeks and the maximum duration is of 6 weeks. The proper method of taking Halotestin or any other steroid is to first consult a doctor because there are many cases in which individuals have consumed Halotestin without proper guidance and have been admitted to the hospital with some serious diseases.

Usage and combination with other drugs

Halotestin must be taken at lower doses that is 10 to 20 mg every day for not more than 6 weeks because it can cause a lot of toxicity in the body. Users do not need to use any of the anti-estrogens as Halotestin does not aromatize. Individuals can consume catepressan as a secondary drug in order to elude hypertensive conditions. But they must regularly have their liver checked for any disorders. The use of any liver defenders is not recommended as it could reduce the efficiency of Halotestin. It is not necessary to use Nolvadex or Clomid after a cycle in order to restore the natural production of testosterone. Halotestin is highly effective in cutting cycle only. More likely when the athlete is at the last stage of cutting cycle in order to increase muscle density and toughness, and it also prevents the muscles from getting wasted. For the purpose of improving the cutting cycle, a 20-30 mg per day of Halotestin for last 4 weeks of a cutting cycle is considered highly effective and productive. It combines well with Stanozolol because both have the same abilities. Since the toxicity generated by Halotestin is high, therefore it is recommended to use Halotestin alone rather than combining it with any other drug or steroid.

Quick Overview: Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Package: 5 mg/tab. (50 tab.)
Substance: fluoxymesterone