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methandienone oral

Become a step closer to the coveted figure

One of the most common and popular steroids in the world is considered to be the methane generated in the US in 1956 by John Ziegler.В The chemical structure of methane is reminiscent of 17-alpha-methyltestosterone. How does muscle methane work? As an oral steroid, methane acts on protein metabolism, thereby increasing the rate of protein synthesis and production of the protein.В As a result, the human body increases the amount of nitrogen that results in a significant improvement in health.В Furthermore, methane has a positive effect on the amount of calcium flowing into the bone tissues. Because of its chemical formula, methane has high androgenic and anabolic effects on the body, leading to a rapid increase in body weight and strength.В It may be indicated for all diseases that require anabolic and restorative effects. Many athletes in Slovakia taking methane, call it “muscle mass steroid”.В This is due to the fact that people who started taking oral steroid methane is able to dial 1-2 kg a week during the first 1.5 months of reception. Increased body weight is achieved by increasing the muscle tissue and a significant amount of fluid that is retained in the body.

How to take methane

Deciding to buy methane tablets, many young athletes from Slovakia are wondering how to take the methane, because methane dosage is from 2 to 20 tablets a day.В In addition, many people mistakenly believe that the greater the amount of methane in the tablets will be effective and more tablets will increase their muscle mass. The creators say that the drug has directly proportional relationship between the number of tablets taken and no weight gain.В Therefore, the norm is 15-40 mg per day of methane in tablets.В Beginners should start taking the drug at a dose of 15-20 mg per day.В Only compliance with dosage methane individual characteristics of each individual athlete can lead to the best results.

Methane Species

Currently, the original producer of methane American company В«Ciba-Geigy” withdrew the drug from the production of a result of the major producers in the market have become British dispensary, Moldova Balkan Pharma, Luka labs and British dragon They produce drugs..:

  • Anabol
  • Danabol
  • methandrostenolone
  • pronabol

At the heart of all of these drugs is methane, the difference is only in the country of the manufacturer.

Where to buy methane in Slovakia?

Buy methane oral steroid tablets from our online storeВ .Competent expertsВ will help you to decideВ with a choice of drug and will give a free consultation and makeВ course of takingВ oral steroid methane.

Quick Overview: Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Package: 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)
Substance: methandienone oral