Methyl Hubei

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10 mg/tab. (50 tab.)



Methyl represent a synthetic oral anabolic steroids in bodybuilding in Slovakia known methyl long time.This drug is often used in medical applications for the treatment of patients with lack of testosterone in the body and advanced breast cancer. Methyl is classified as a C-17 alpha alkylated. Methyl is a drug with low androgenic anabolic effect. This substance is derived from Methyl testosterone. Methyl well known in the bodybuilding and supplement that are made primarily to enhance the body and stimulate the psyche methyl, increased aggression. It also improves performance for short duration.As most oral anabolic steroid Methyl were propriety to Methyl converted into estrogen in the fatty tissues. This fact will cause side effects dry as gynecomastia and water conservation. In order to avoid these negative effects some bodybuilders take it in combination with tamoxifen or Arimidex from Slovakia. Because Methyl is not very powerful anabolic steroid is also often combined with thyroxin or growth hormone. Methyl also has a relatively short half-life. Methyl weight gain is not expressed. Methyl is toxic on liver. Female bodybuilders from Slovakia / athletes are not recommended to take this steroid because it causes a lot of side effects, as the deepening of the voice, hoarseness, excessive hair growth, an enlarged clitoris, and irregular menstrual cycles. In most cases Methyl taken by male bodybuilders not cause any side-effects at lower doses doses. Possible side effects: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, acne, oily skin, hair loss, gynecomastia.