Methyltestosterone Tablets

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25 mg/tab. (100 tab.)



As a natural testosterone analog, methyltestosterone has slightly more anabolic and androgenic activity. The chemical structure of the drug differs from the natural hormone testosterone only because it is present in the methyl group in the 17-alpha position. Adding a methyl group has become necessary due to the fact that testosterone would not be consumed orally – the hormone is destroyed in the liver, and as a result may have no effect on the body, neither positive nor negative. A methyl group using testosterone increases the stability to liver enzymes, thereby easily allowing the hormone to pass through it and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Effects on the body (Slovakia)

The effect of regular intake of methyltestosterone is not liked bodybuilders from Slovakia, because being a potent androgen, it is easily flavored and accumulates water in muscle tissues. But power sports athletes considers this as more than fine. Causing a sharp increase in the level of testosterone in the blood, a daily intake of methyltestosterone tablets or analogs thereof will provide:

  • strong growth rates of power;
  • increase endurance;
  • significant weight gain
  • rapid recovery of strength after exercise;
  • a temporary increase in potency and libido.

In addition, methyltestosterone for guests have a positive effect on the joints.

How to take methyltestosterone tablets

The instructions for receiving methyltestosterone stated that the dosage is considered relatively safe if the daily intake of the drug is between 10 and 50 mg with the expectation of a four-week course. If the athlete wants to achieve even greater results in training, it is possible to combine the drug with stronger anabolikkam. So, to maximize muscle mass it is recommended to combine methyltestosterone tablets with methandienone, and to increase the power combine it with injectable stanozolol.

Where can I buy methyltestosterone?

Sale of many steroids in Slovakia is prohibited, therefore you must buy it online only.