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methandienone oral

Naposim – a well-known drug, the main active ingredient in it is – methandienone. This material has the following characteristics steroidal properties: increased muscle mass, increase in power rates, the strengthening of bone structure, good appetite increase, accelerating the synthesis of protein structures expressed by anti-catabolic effect. It is active for 5 hours, and it can be detected since the beginning of reception before the expiry of 5-week period. Toxic to the liver. Product form Naposima – pelletized. Anabolic activity of 200%, 50% androgen.

Side effects of Naposim

The main side effects of the drug are: water retention, decreased libido (after the course, it is temporary, during the course – high), rollback after a course Naposima, increased appetite (sometimes does not allow to follow the diet), greasy skin, acne. In general, a standard set, which can be reduced by administering anti-estrogen drugs, such as Tamoxifen. The active ingredient of the drug Naposim – methane can also help reduce the production of testosterone, but only after prolonged use. The drug is toxic to the liver. Provided aromatase – an enzyme that converts testosterone into the female hormone (estrogen). If the wrong dosage can gynecomastia. It is important to follow the recommended dosage by scientists from Slovakia, and their excess can lead to a large reduction in testosterone production and destruction of the liver.

Reviews of Naposime (Slovakia)

Most athletes in Slovakia, of course, the only course is praised Naposim, gaining muscle mass. The picture was clouded only by the fact that I have, and a good pullback. Also, for some increased appetite was unpleasant, because diet was hard, wanted to eat more. But positive feedback from Naposime Vermodje still predominate. For the first time, the reception weight gain up to 2-3 kg with the desired loads. Of course, times are increased power rates, and the need to train harder, this also applies to working the weights, and exercise selection. Only in this case the mass of the growth will be felt.