Oxymetholone is considered as the most powerful oral steroid, which is capable of a few days to turn muscle. Online Store BelFarma offers the drug at a reasonable price with delivery in any city of Slovakia.

Initially, the drug was developed to be used in the treatment of anemia, osteoporosis and atrophy of muscles in the weakened people’s disease. Today Oxymetholone course is best used in aggressive therapy, which is aimed at restoring lost muscle mass in patients with AIDS, as well as in bodybuilding for stimulating muscle growth and development.

Properties of Oxymetholone (Slovakia)

Anabolic activity of Oxymetholone reaches almost 320% of the power of testosterone. It has a mild androgenic effect – only 45% of the exposure to testosterone. Also, the drug is not converted into estrogen and it is a flavoring steroid. Besides, Oxymetholone hardly reduces the production of natural testosterone.

Effects that activate oksimetalona rate in the human body, are numerous:

The drug is effective in muscle growth and development. During the first course of a Oxymetholone, athlete can gain up to 15 kg of muscle mass;

Steroid increases the level of force;

Eliminates joint pain;

Usilivvaet effects of other steroids.

How to take Oxymetholone

For information on how to take Oxymetholone, follow the instructions provided with the drug. But bodybuilding professionals always use lower doses than indicated in the instructions. This is due to the fact that it is a toxic drug. Reviews of Oxymetholone suggest that excessive use of the steroid has detrimental effect on the liver.

Duration of Oxymetholone lasts 15 hours, eliminating the need for frequent application of the formulation. The drug is best divided into two equal doses and must be taken in the morning and in the evening, just before bedtime. This drug should not be taken continuously for three or four weeks. In combination with other anabolic effects, Oxymetholone increases the strength significantly.

How to buy Oxymetholone

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