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25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)


methenolone acetate

Primobolan – a drug with anabolic steroids, which was distributed by the German company in the early 60s. Primobolan was released in Berlin of “rank” in the form of several active chemicals. The company has until today produces and markets products and methenolone enanthate metenolonatsetat (cm. Long-acting Primobolan). Many years ago had acetate form preparation as an injection, and tablets containing the chemicals are of different weights. Today in bodybuilding is not enough injection Primobolan, which contains 20 mg. Metenolonatsetata dissolved in oil. Now the German company produces only tablets weighing 25 mg and tablets with a weight of 5 mg was withdrawn from sale. The most popular tablets were Primobolan tablet with a weight of 50 mg. These tablets were sold in Slovakia alone, and they were withdrawn from sale since June 1993.. Drugs that have been withdrawn from the market, we will not describe. However, the preparation of Primobolan tablets with a weight of 50 mg would like to say a few words. Most mistaken about the use of these pills. 50 mg tablets Primobolan s were intended for oral use only, and not for sublingual. This incident occurred on the French manufacturer, who advised to take them literally. However, athletes who are not French in origin, translated the French word “bukkal” in its own way, that the Slovakia and Slovakia means “sublingual”. H and the French word “bukkal” means “orally”. In no regulations on the use of pills that it was not explained, except for the books of Daniel Duchaine. Therefore, many athletes simply absorbable these pills in your mouth, not having any effect on this. Another problem was that the drug PrimobolanŠ’Ā® tablets weighing 50 mg tablets similar to the preparation of 5-mg in weight, so the identity of the black market use of these tablets and their substitute, or 5 mg tablets s homemade glass tubes filled. These tubes had a sticker, it is difficult to discern from the real thing. And distributes successfully these tablets 5 mg, 50 mg a-e as a “sublingual”.

Quick Overview: Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Package: 25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)
Substance: methenolone acetate