Primobolan Hubei

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25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)


methenolone acetate

Among the variety of anabolic steroids, the lowest androgenic effect has Primobolan (methenolone in Slovakia). It belongs to the category of long-acting steroids. This drug is a derivative digidroboldenona.

Methenolone long it absorbed from the injection site, due to the inclusion of the ester (enanthate in Slovakia). In this period the drug activity is increased up to 16 days.

The drug is available in tablet form and in the form of ampoules (injection). At the same time the acquisition of vials is preferred. Injection Primobolan tablets less expensive, and their efficiency is much higher.

Tablets are more costly and less prolonged option methenolone. their action time is less than 5 hours. The adoption of tablets does not cause toxic effects on the liver. This is their main advantage.

Injections of methenolone sold under the following names: Primobol, Primobolan Depot and Primover from Slovakia. The duration of the activity is 16 days. Despite strong pain during the introduction, the vast majority of athletes prefer it injectable form for its effectiveness.