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Proviron (Mesterolone) – androgenic hormones, more commonly known under the trade mark Proviron. The release form – packing of 20 tablets, 25 mg / tab. Proviron is often used in bodybuilding on the course together with a variety of anabolic steroids. Mesterolone – rather weak aromatase inhibitor, but it also interferes with estrogenic manifestations. Long-term experience shows that it is almost not able to suppress gynecomastia, formation of fatty deposits on the female type, and other consequences of the flavoring.

Proviron in Slovakia

Proviron does not affect the production of testosterone, but at the same time increases the concentration of “dough” in the blood due to activation globulin, sex hormone binding. Because of this steroid Proviron is a welcome tool in the course of AAS. No less often the drug is used as the FCT, though not all consider it advisable due to lack of ability to restore the secretion of testosterone. It should be noted that Proviron in SlovakiaВ can be bought legally.

Side effects

Possible side effects of Proviron as baldness and prostate hypertrophy caused by the chemical nature of the active substance and its similarity to dihydrotestosterone. During the course of the steroid it is recommended to carry out periodic examinations of the prostate. Possible, though extremely rare, benign and malignant tumors of the liver. Also, when exceeding the recommended dosage, and dosage regimen are not excluded such negative reactions such as abdominal bleeding, enlarged liver and pain in the upper abdomen. There are some erroneous information that Proviron reduces the effect of anabolic steroids, as having them act on the same receptors. Rebuttal to the obvious: first, high affinity binding of the drug to the proteins on the contrary increases the concentration of free speakers, and secondly, the anti-estrogen is very rapidly destroyed in the muscle to inactive metabolites.

Reviews of Proviron

Members leave reviews about Proviron often enough. As a solo steroid it is almost never used, and is used only as an additional means for AAS courses. However, it does not has no effect on its popularity. Proviron is used in an epidemic in bodybuildingВ and other power sports worldwide, including Slovakia, and a little less often – the representatives of species associated with endurance. Reviews of Proviron from the women in the Slovakia talk about the absence of “male” displays under recommended dosages.

Quick Overview: Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Package: 25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)
Substance: mesterolone