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chlorodehydromethyl testosterone

Turinotabs (Turinabol) – oral steroid, which is similar in all methandrostenolone. The key difference lies in the fact that this drug does not undergo aromatization to estradiol, therefore, side effects on the course solo Turinabol virtually eliminated. There is an opinion that gives Turinabol smaller increase in muscle mass. It is fundamentally wrong, an athlete who uses Turinotabs receive very qualitative growth of muscle mass and strength without water and fat. It is due to “clean” set of weight athletes after the course Turinabol less than methandrostenolone after the course, but the number of hypertrophied muscle tissue – is identical.

How to take Turinotabs (Slovakia)

Effects of priemaPrinimat in Slovakia Turinotabs be just as methandrostenolone. The optimal dosage for novice – 30 mg / day, ie three tablets. Hours of the key role is not playing, you can take medication in the morning as the full dosage, and divided into 3 parts reception throughout the day.

Turinotabs course lasts 6-8 weeks. Very often athletes choose this drug for the first course. This is a very smart choice. Assuming it is possible both in conjunction with testosterone, as well as solo.

Regarding the PCT, it is mandatory. “Light” of steroids does not happen, and so develop your own testosterone immediately after the course will be broken, needs receiving antiestrogens such as clomiphene citrate in Slovakia, tamoxifen citrate (clomiphene much preferred).

For further information on how to take this medication, you can look in the subject Turinabol.