Turinabol Hubei

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10 mg/tab. (50 tab.)



Turinabol is considered as an oral anabolic steroid. It is basically an altered formula for Dianabol. It is used in order to treat those individuals who are suffering from the problem of delayed puberty or HIV.

Nowadays it is most commonly used by body builders and athletes who are willing to gain a lot of strength and build some great quality muscles. Individuals gain at slower rate but these gains are of quality. It does not cause a large amount of water retention in body and also not converted to estrogen. The anabolic ratings of Turinabol is way different from Dianabol therefore the gains obtained from Turinabol are quite slow but they are long lasting and they provide very hard and rocky look. The combination of Turinabol with other steroids is quite remarkable due to its anabolic nature. It can be very effective in losing fat or even building up muscles to participate in any competition. A lot of body factors are there on which Turinabol is dependent and these factors includes weight, age and number of cycles. The safest and highly recommended dose is 100 mg every day. 16 hours is the probable life of Turinabol. Therefore daily injections are necessary in order to keep the blood level stable. The recommended dose for females is 10mg per day and it must be taken for no more than 6 weeks. If the dose is exceeded than there might be some side effects.

Side Effects of Turinabol

Similar to other oral drugs, Turinabol is also toxic to liver. It can also cause the natural production of endogenous testosterone to slow down or even shuts completely. If Turinabol is taken for a very long period of time then there is a possibility of testicular cancer or some other deadly diseases therefore Turinabol or any other steroid must not be taken for long period.