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Tamoxifen 10

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10 mg/tab. (10 tab.)


tamoxifen citrate

Tamoxifen – a medical drug, chemical based, it occurs rarely in the world. Because this drug is completely unique, it differs significantly from these he means. Medics it belongs to the group of sex hormones. Like any other medical drug tamoxifen conducted strictly on prescription. Self-administration of tamoxifen can have a negative impact on your health. The drug “Tamoxifen” has another name. Initially, the drug was developed exclusively for the treatment of women. It was used for prevention of cancerous diseases. After all, it is able to detect and warn about the development of human cancer, allowing time to diagnose and cure the disease. But after a while, tamoxifen have been actively used in the sport, especially in bodybuilding. The action of this drug is very slow, especially in the early stages of treatment, so it is recommended to be taken with other drugs analogical. As mentioned above, tamoxifen have been actively used in the sport. And there are good reasons. The fact that tamoxifen significantly increases testosterone levels in male organism, because this drug is an anti-estrogen. According to statistics, if we compare the initial data of endogenous testosterone in the male body, then, if it is to eat twenty mg of the drug for ten days, the level of testosterone in his blood to rise by 42%. And if you use it a month and a half, this level may rise even up to 83%. This statistic shows that tamoxifen is much more effective than other medications. This is one of its main advantages.

The benefits and disadvantagesВ of the drug. Observation of Slovakia’s athletes


  1. Almost immediately after the application, the drug increases blood cholesterol levels. This significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. As is known, many bodybuilders worldwide, including SlovakiaВ can suffer such illnesses;
  2. Compared with other drugs as tamoxifen estrogen is very light, it does not harm the internal organs, but rather a positive effect on the human body;
  3. Tamoxifen is much safer to other drugs. Even long-term use of it does not bear any harm to the body.


Like any other medical facility, tamoxifen has a number of side effects: Because of its structure, the preparation inhibits the growth of IGF in the human body; Tamoxifen acts very slowly. Its action takes place over many hours. This is especially noticeable at the initial stage of the decision; Disadvantages also include the fact that many doctors in bodybuilding athletes in Slovakia are advised to take tamoxifen with other drugs. Very often, it is advised to use with Proviron. After all, this drug is able to burn the excess fat in the body. As you can see, there is clearly indicated another lack of preparation.

Quick Overview: Manufacturer: Sun Rise
Package: 10 mg/tab. (10 tab.)
Substance: tamoxifen citrate