Features workouts with steroids

Features workouts with steroids

The effectiveness of the use of anabolic steroids depends on the proper organization of the training. Although major differences workouts with steroids from conventional training there, though, and there are a number of features that need to be considered in order to maximize results.

Training with steroids

What are the accents are important in the process of training?
It is obvious that in the use of steroids, training programs should be strengthened by increasing the frequency and intensity of training. However, the muscles in all types of training to restore their normal operation needs rest. Presses one muscle group 1 every 4-7 days. In this case, the right thing would be to make a triple split-training – to break all the muscle groups into 3 parts, and conduct classes in a day with only one muscle group. Sleep requires at least 10.8 hours per day.

Number of sets and repetitions
Indicators of repetitions and sets are completely different from the training without steroids.
2-3 exercises on a certain muscle group
3 sets for each exercise
6-8 reps
Duration of training
The optimal duration of training may be – 1-2 hours.

Have a workout
When receiving steroids for a short period of greatly increased power performance of the athlete, at the same time growing and operating weight. However, the level of strength of cartilage and tendons remain at the same level. Because of this, during exercise significantly increases the risk of injury. Therefore, before each exercise should be performed deep workout. This will protect you from injury, which does not allow to continue the implementation of full training.

Increasing training intensity
To increase the effectiveness of the course must be a progressive increase in the scale that creates maximum growth stimulating effect on muscles.

We need to start training cycle with an average intensity and be based on the usual training. During the entire cycle gradually increase the intensity. Each new exercise you have to work with heavier weights. If you adhere to this condition, after each session the muscles will get overstimulation, which ultimately will lead to intense muscle growth.

Do not increase very sharply at the beginning of the load cycle. The load at the outset covers the possibility of future progress. The sharp increase in the balance may have a negative impact on health. Optimally – a gradual 30% increase in the balance for the entire cycle, from start to finish.

How to train after a course of steroids?
It is not only the right to enter the course, but also the right and get out of it. After taking anabolic steroids testosterone level falls below the original. If you do not take any action, then all the results achieved will disappear in a month.

In order to reduce side effects and complications after receiving steroid hormones should be taken complex products and sports supplements that are used in bodybuilding and power sports.

Immediately after the cessation of anabolic steroids begin to reduce the intensity of training. Pay particular attention to the working weight, number of exercises and workout time itself. The higher the intensity, the greater the load on the muscles.

Thus, starting with the work intensity of 100% to the completion of the cycle you reach 130%. A week after taking steroids, you should reduce the intensity to 70%, and after another two weeks reduced to 50%. This means that after two weeks of your weight load must be reduced, and after a workout, you should not feel fatigue. If, after the cancellation of steroids to remain seized with the same weights, then under the influence of strong catabolic processes muscles begin to fail.

A month after the end of the cycle load can be increased again and bring up to 80%, and after another two weeks to increase to 100% already, and continue to engage in their usual way.