Jumping rope

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is ideal for weight loss

Rope – all well-known children’s entertainment, which can be useful and adult, especially if he had to lose weight quickly. Despite its apparent simplicity, the rope guarantees a serious strain on the body. For comparison: the systematic classes with a rope burn more calories than, for example, cycling, swimming , or even such an effective way to lose weight as a jog . Unlike other types of physical activity, used for weight loss, jumping rope does not require material investments, a special organization, a special place to practice. You can jump anywhere, as long as it was convenient.



How many calories spent while jumping rope?

To do jumping rope, it is necessary to turn at a speed of at least 70 revolutions per minute . This significantly increases the load on the cardiovascular system. Therefore rope belongs to the class ofcardiovascular equipment . Jumping trained respiratory system, increase endurance. Jumping rope – one of the most effective ways to clean feet, to maintain toned thighs, tighten the skin, to achieve elasticity. Elementary rope capable rid of cellulite . Furthermore feet rope trains muscles of the hands, eliminating the sagging skin. Additionally rope coached press. When exercise intensity within one hour can consume 500 calories and higher. And it allowed to take breaks in a few seconds, what would catch your breath. But we can not rest for too long – that would not drastically decreased your heart rate.

What still gives jumping rope?

And if jumping rope helps cellulite? Certainly helps, practice regularly and very soon a positive effect will be noticeable not only you but also others.

Jumping rope not only provide training of the cardiovascular system and the muscles, but also the development of endurance and improved overall health. However, there are contraindications. As with any exercise machine, the rope has a number of contraindications . Jump rope is impossible during a migraine, in the presence of cardiovascular disease, obesity, problems with the locomotor system. If there are any health problems before starting an exercise with a rope it is necessary to consult a doctor.

You need to jump on an empty stomach. There is a need for a few hours (2-3 hours) before the proposed training. Water is also necessary to drink in advance or after the workout. If you really want to drink a little water you can drink while exercising. When you workout you experience any discomfort should immediately stop.



Technique of jumping rope in Slovakia

The fitness jump rope skipping seriously called. Skipping seriously included in the set of warm-up exercises many professional athletes. At home, skipping seriously under – one of the most efficient, simple and inexpensive ways to bring your body in shape. Engage in can not only at home but also in any place, because the rope is so compact that it is possible without problems to take with you anywhere. In addition, of all the simulators rope is the most democratic and accessible price a person with any income.

Classes rope should be systematic – this is the main condition for the effectiveness of training. Before you start jumping sure to warm up , this can be a bit of a run or do some warm-up and stretching exercises. Sit-ups and tilts will help prepare the body to physical stress and prevent injury.

Jump only comfortable shoes, otherwise you risk damaging tendons and joints!

Warm-up accelerates blood flow, so that the muscles get sufficient oxygen. Mashed muscles work better, able to withstand the maximum load. In addition, the warm-up prevents problems with the cardiovascular system. In terms of weight loss exercises rope with pre-workout much more effective.

Start jumping should be smooth at minimum speed, then you can gradually build up speed. To lose weight, you need to jump on the rope at least half an hour a day.

I need to jump in a special sports shoes with ribbed soles to protect the tendon ligament damage. Clothes also need to choose a comfortable, breathable, without unnecessary details, so as not to cling to a rope.

When effective jump landing occurs on the fingertips. hopping rate must be comfortable, not exhausting. For safe jumps you need to take the correct posture – knees slightly bent, back straight. No need to set records on the number of jumps. If you feel excessive heartbeat, the training should be stopped.


Double jumps, and other types of jumping rope

You can jump in different ways. For a start, you can land on two feet, then change legs. Then recommended 5-10 hopping on one foot, then the other. We need to do several approaches, then a short break. After a rest you need to perform the same complex of jumps, but the rope is necessary to turn back. jump height must be small – just 2-3 cm With good physical preparation, you can do a double jump:. High jump – jump rope makes a double turn. You can still try jumping rope with a crossed one jump – rope should be kept as usual the second leap – you need to cross your hands before him and try to jump into a loop of the rope. For weight loss, this method of jumping the most effective, as the loads all muscle groups.



Buying rope in Slovakia

The standard length of the rope, which is suitable for most people 80-90 cm., It is necessary to stand on the middle of the rope and pull her to understand the suitability of a person jump rope for growth. If the length is right, the rope handle will be in the underarm area. Too long rope will be twisted and confused, on a short rope jumping too inconvenient – will have all the time to pull the legs. Jumping on the rope unsuitable tire faster and fraught with various injuries.

Buying rope, you can choose the traditional, familiar from childhood plastic rope, and the rope can be purchased 21st century. Such advanced ropes have a display that shows heart rate, exercise time, number of calories, the amount committed jumps.

Having bought the rope and began to occupy the main thing – not to leave their studies. Weight reduction requires perseverance and persistence. But if the case will be brought to an end, the result will be not only a great figure, but also good health. Rope universal simulator, which can be engaged on almost anyone, most importantly enlist a professional who will select the appropriate load.