Lifting the legs in the vis on the horizontal bar

Lifting the legs in the vis on the horizontal bar

Raising the legs in the cross on the crossbar in Slovakia is one of the basic exercises. It has common features with reverse twists. Therefore, such an exercise helps to pump the muscles of the press. However, it is much more difficult to perform. This means that the muscles of the press will be worked out more effectively. Such an exercise is performed on the horizontal bar. You can find a similar shell in any gym.

Which muscles are working at the feet rise in the vise

As already mentioned, the feet rise in the vise helps pump the abdominal muscles, and if we talk specifically – direct and oblique abdominal muscles. This on the belly appear cherished cubes, they dream, and boys and girls. In addition, the active participation of direct muscles of the thighs – namely, a comb and sartorius. Not least is and iliopsoas muscle. All these muscles are pumped during this exercise. In addition, invoked and stabilizing muscles – the muscles of the shoulder blades, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, etc…



Rules for lifting a leg on a crossbar in Slovakia

If you want to get a positive result from this exercise, while avoiding injury, you should adhere to the following rules for its implementation:

  • The press must be in constant tension. Do not let the abdominal muscles to relax for a minute.
  • Leg lift as high as possible. This will create a good workout at the press.
  • Lift not only his feet but also the pelvis. It makes a similar exercise with the twists and maximizes work through the press.
  • Do not lower the legs to the end. This will keep the muscles tense, which has a positive impact on the end result.
  • At the lowest point try not to linger long. Immediately after the descent do repeat.
  • When straightening the legs, reducing shovels.
  • All movements do smoothly. The fact is that during heavy exercise performance can happen crick that at the time would deprive you the possibility of not only sports, but also to move normally.
  • Hold on to the bar top grip.
  • Hands during the exercise should be straight.
  • You can not swing, lifting his feet. Use only the force.
  • When performing exercises in the initial stage should not use weights. Press, as other muscle, without it gets a good load.
  • Trainings are held at least 3 times a week. The only way you can pump up the press.
  • Perform 15-25 reps and 4 sets. Please note that the number of sets and sets depends on what your weight. The greater the mass, the less reps you need to do, while increasing the number of sets, and vice versa, the lower the weight, the more you need to do to reduce the number of repetitions and sets.


Not everyone can keep your weight on the bar, holding his hands over the crossbar. If you are among them, you should use the special clamps hands. They are fixed on the bar. Thanks to these retainers you will not have problems with the implementation of the exercise.


Technique feet rise in the vise

This exercise in the vise on the bar, you can perform a variety of ways. Next, find out what it is.

The rise of direct legs

Exercise feet rise in the vise to be performed in this way the most popular and effective for the press. Make it should be as follows:


  • Hang on a horizontal bar, lift the legs slightly. If so hang too heavy, the lower legs, concentrating the load on the hands.
  • Tighten the press, inhale and lift your legs. They have to “go” in parallel to the horizontal surface. Later, when the technique is mastered, it is possible to raise them even higher. Some manage to get their feet up to the bar, but this is optional. The pelvis should also raise, twisting it. Lock position for 2-3 seconds.
  • Exhale and return back. Make the desired number of repetitions.


The rise of the bent leg

Exercise feet rise in the vise to be performed in this manner, it is easier to do than the previous one, but using it can also pump up the press, just it will take more time. Technology is as follows:

  • Hang on the bar, keep your hands straight.
  • Inhale and lift your legs bent at the knees as high as possible, gently twist the pelvis. Press in this case must be in tension. Fix the position for a few seconds.
  • Take a breath and go back. Exercise repeat several times.


Lifting feet with the ball in the vise


For this exercise should be to move when you perfectly mastered the two previous ones. It will be a rise in the leg vise with weighting.


Technique performance is as follows:

  • Hang on the bar, keep your hands straight at shoulder width apart.
  • Have you lodge the ball and secure it between the feet. Legs keep straight.
  • Inhale and bend your knees, lifting them as high as possible, twisting hips. The abdominal muscles at the same time should receive maximum voltage. This state of lock for 3 seconds.
  • Exhale and return back. Exercise repeat several times.

Raising the legs in the vise – it is an excellent alternative exercises such as reverse twisting. Thanks to him, you can pretty quickly pump up the press and to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, back, arms, etc. The main thing -.. Do the exercise properly and not to skip your workout.