Training on steroidah- “Faster, higher, stronger!”

Training on steroidah- “Faster, higher, stronger!”

Technical training on steroids is not much will differ from your usual workouts.

Poster Training on steroidah.Edinstvennoe, can and should be more likely to use high-intensity training methods such as cheating, pyramid, “The method of 21,” etc. But the quantity and quality of training should be increased several times to obtain maximum benefit from steroids.


Admission anabolic steroids significantly accelerates muscle recovery time after workouts. So it is necessary to use and exercise as often as possible. The minimum amount of four training days per week. Exercising less likely you’ll just waste precious time when steroids on all cylinders working in your body.

If you think that taking steroids can train twice a week and get good results, forget and do not take them at all. No need to translate the product on a toilet. Steroids weight not raise themselves, they accelerate the recovery process and protein synthesis in the body.

Whatever there was to recover we must first destroy something, that is exercise. More demolish a large recovery and growth.


Training on steroids can and should continue long enough. On average, twice as long vasheyTrenirovki on steroids are longer than the photo. workout routine. Steroids increase muscle endurance, and these should be used.
This does not mean that you need to rest for 5-10 minutes between sets and pull the cat by the balls. Increase the number of sets and reps.

Add more exercises in the training program. Make 2 triceps exercises – add two more. Use the entire rich arsenal of both basic and isolated exercises to work out each muscle group to the maximum. The greater the stress on the muscles of the greater muscle growth.

When physical training is impossible, you simply will not have time to recover. When training on steroids that’s OK because the recovery rate is greater. Therefore, a two-hour training is the norm.